Thursday, August 19, 2010

100-Day Challenge Starts in 35 Days!

Do you have any idea how much you can accomplish in 100 days? Coaches do!

I know many of you have dreams you can't imagine coming true. It doesn't mean they can't. It just means that until now, you haven't wanted them enough. Yes, they're nice dreams, but you haven't been motivated to make them goals.

Maybe nobody ever told you it was possible. Maybe you told yourself you didn't deserve it. But maybe it's time for you decide to make it happen.

It IS possible.

You CAN do it.

It's almost time....

This year's local group is forming between now and September 18, 2010. We'll be celebrating real and amazing life changes this New Year's. If you want to have something to celebrate, too, don't wait.

Maricopa Residents: Registration begins August 27.

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