Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walk on Your Wild Side (Day)

You've heard Lou Reed's Talk a Walk On the Wild Side, right? Well, that's not quite what this day is about, but that's a good starting place. The song, purportedly, is about various characters in Andy Warhol's entourage, some of whom had rather fluid sexual identities. The title phrase was a pick-up line used by transsexual prostitutes.

(Sheesh, people, sit down, I'm not done. I'm not suggesting we all go to the red light district.) Consider this:

YOU are in the center of your world (in yellow). That's as it should be. Surrounding you is your comfort zone (red). Your comfort zone is protective; it keeps you from danger and the scary unknown. It also gets in your way and treats you like a baby sometimes. If it's too thick, you won't see - let alone explore - the possibilities that lay beyond in the wild blue yonder. You'll have to take a machete and carve a path.

But once you break through, there's opportunity. Les Brown reminds us that we have to do what we've never done to be who we've never been.

Talk with people instead of to them. Approach the day by considering how you could make everyone else's better. Be proactive rather than reactive. Take the first step toward a really big, scary goal. Make the change. Venture forth.

Take a walk on your wild side. See what's out there. It might be good. You might be great!

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